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Six Flags over Georgia Info Center



This page will contain info on this site and the publisher of this site.
QUIZ--This page contains two quizzes (easy and medium) on different things on Six Flags over Georgia.
AFFILIATES--This page contains sites affiliated with the Six Flags over Georgia Info Center. Affiliated sites could be sites I've gotten info off of or sites that have granted permission of pictures usage on this site.
CONTACT--This page contains contact info to the Six Flags over Georgia Info Center webmaster. It also contains a Site Form and Lycos websearch.
NEW FOR 2002--This page contains info on the park's newest roller coaster, Superman: Ultimate Flight. It includes stats, coaster info, 3D model, and many pictures.
TRIP REPORTS--This page contains info on my trips to Six Flags over Georgia. It will include detailed info on my trip that day.
RANKINGS--This page contains my overall opinion on Six Flags over Georgia's roller coasters and thrill rides. It also contains my Top 10 Roller Coasters that I have ridden. All rankings can change at any time.
PARK INFO--This page contains detailed info on the park. It contains park policies, the park's vital stats's, every attractions status, and driving directions.
PARK HISTORY--This page contains comprehensive info on the park's 35 year history.
ROLLER COASTERS--This page contains detailed overviews and statistics on the park's nine roller coaster. It also contains ride logos and pictures.
COASTER REVIEWS--*Still Under Construction*
THRILL RIDES--This page contains statistics and overviews on the park many flat rides.
PICTURES--This page contains excellent pictures of the park, including great pictures of rides. This page will continue to grow.
LINKS--This page contains links to other wondeful Six Flags over Georgia and roller coaster websites.
NEWS AND RUMORS--This page contains all the news and rumors that come from Six Flags over Georgia. It may also contain other important theme park news that doesn't necessarily have to do with Six Flags over Georgia.
ARCHIVES--This page contains info from the 2001 season and old info on Six Flags over Georgia's old coaster, Viper.
COASTER GLOSSARY--This page contains definitions on most coaster terms. It also includes detailed info on top roller coaster manufacturers, such as B&M and Intamin.
The Six Flags over Georgia Info Center opened its pages to the Internet in August of 2001, as the second Unofficial Guide To Six Flags Over Georgia. The site began slowly, getting only minimal hits a day. As I sent my link to other SFoG and roller coaster sites, then my site became 'popular.' Through September 2001 to December 2001, we grew very much, and became one of the most popular SFoG sites on the web, according to much feedback we received at the time. Although, I did not travel to SFoG in the latter half of the year, I still put up the news and rumors on the closing of Viper and the rumors on SFoG's new coaster, which we now know to be as Superman: Ultimate Flight. During January 2002, the site experienced its first 'overhaul.' The name of the site changed from Unofficial Guide To Six Flags Over Georgia to Six Flags over Georgia Info Center, due to complaints of originality from many enthusiasts and even myself. The site also changed designs and had a more "classy" look to it. Through February 2002 to April 2002, the site grew very much, adding new pages weekly. I hope the SFoG Info Center impresses you and you enjoy it for many years to come! In April 2002, the site won its first award, a Golden Web Award for 2002-2003!
My name is Preston Bonner, and I live in Lawrencville, Georgia, about a 45 minute ride from SFoG. The SFoG Info Center is my third site, but the only one still active. My other two sites were on James Bond, and the other one was my own moview reviews. Nobody came to the sites, and I lost interest in both topics so I decided to close them. My love for roller coasters has been very short, seeing I hated them longer than I have loved them. Before the 2001 season, I had only traveled to SFoG three times and would barely ride any coasters their. My first trip on a looping coaster came in 1997, when I was 'forced' to ride Mindbender at night. I rode it five times straight after that. I must have liked it. Still, roller coasters weren't my thing. Three years later, I traveled to Busch Gardens Tampa Bay for my third visit to that park. I rode all coaster, with Montu being my first inverted coaster ever! It was a thrill! A few months after my lovely trip to BGTB, I traveled to Orlando and went to Islands of Adventure, Universal Stuidos, and Magic Kingdom. I never had had so much fun in my life. It was my first trip to IOA and US, but not Magic Kingdom. I loved IOA, the rides and scenery were awesome. When I returned home, I couldn't get the park out of my mind. I had hoped to go later that year, but have still yet to go back. I traveled to SFoG five times in 2001, and rode Batman: The Ride, Ninja, Viper, The Georgia Scorcher, and Acrophobia for the first time last year. Since then, I have loved roller coasters and become a roller coaster enthusiast! In 2002, I rode SFoG's newest coaster, Superman: Ultimate Flight on its Opening Day, and later rode SFoG's other new roller coaster, Deja Vu for the first time.
FIRST THEME PARK...Magic Kingdom
FIRST ROLLER COASTER...Dahlonega Mine Train
FIRST STEEL COASTER...Dahlonega Mine Train
FIRST WOODEN COASTER...The Great American Scream Machine
FAVORITE THEME PARK...Islands of Adventure
FAVORITE STEEL COASTER...The Incredible Hulk Coaster
FAVORITE WOODEN COASTER...The Great American Scream Machine
FAVORITE WATER RIDE...Dudley Do-Right's Ripsaw Falls