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2003 - -News and Rumors
Six Flags over Georgia Unlimited

This page will include news and rumors about Six Flags over Georgia and important events in the theme park industry. All rumors will be indicated with a *, and should not be taken seriously, as most is unfactual gossip. (2003)

[6/25] The Great American Scream Machine Turns 30 - Six Flags over Georgia to Commemorate Historic Roller Coaster with 30-hour Rider Marathon June 27-28


Atlanta - Six Flags over Georgia will celebrate the 30th anniversary of its former world-record roller coaster - The Great American Scream Machine - with a 30-hour rider marathon on June 27 and 28, just one amazing element of the park's season of celebration.

      In honor of the history-making ride, volunteers from the American Coaster Enthusiasts (ACE) will ride "non-stop" (with only one five-minute break every hour) starting
9 a.m. on June 27. The marathon will conclude June 28 at 3 p.m.
with a VIP birthday event for the coaster open to park guests and media.

      The first guests brave enough to ride this new giant during its 1973 opening season received a "RED BADGE OF COURAGE" to show for their accomplishment. This tradition will be carried on in 2003 to the first 5,000 riders beginning June 27, with a commemorative 30th anniversary edition of the button.

History of The Great American Scream Machine
      In 1973, the South's premiere family theme park broke ground on its first wooden roller coaster - The Great American Scream Machine. During its first 30 years of operation, The Great American Scream Machine has completed well over one million revolutions and delivered over 40 million screams to delighted riders.

      Stretching 3,800 feet in length along the banks of the
Chattahoochee River
, this enormous coaster sends riders blurring past beautiful riverside scenery at speeds over 55 m.p.h. When it opened, The Great American Scream Machine was world's tallest coaster at 105 feet tall.

      Under the supervision of the great coaster architect John Allen, an employee of the Philadelphia Toboggan Company, The Great American Scream Machine construction project required over 750,000 board feet of lumber, 17 tons of bolts and four tons of nails. Crews of carpenters, ironworkers, landscapers, electricians and mechanics worked for almost three months to complete the project. The ride officially opened to the delight of Six Flags over
Georgia guests on March 31, 1973

      Still considered to be one of the greatest coasters in existence by enthusiasts, The Great American Scream Machine is more than a great ride. It was built as a monument to the era of the first modern roller coasters and the great designers who created them. It is considered by many to be the grandfather of the wooden coaster revival.

      After a period of great coaster activity in the early part of the century, wooden roller coasters quickly became a thing of the past as the focus of American amusement parks gradually shifted. But with the advent of steel coasters and the introduction of the tubular steel coaster by Six Flags Inc. in the early 1960s, roller coasters began to show up in greater numbers at amusement parks across the country. Interest in the unique experience of the giant wooden coaster grew and rides like The Great American Scream Machine were built.

      In 1973, coasters of this magnitude were simply unheard of and its construction was big news in
Atlanta. "This machine will surely make history," said Errol McKoy, then president of Six Flags over Georgia. "People love to be thrilled and taken to the edge. The Great American Scream Machine will do just that."  -From


I think this ride is truly a classic ride, and agree that it is a grandfather to all wooden coasters. This is one of the best rides at Six Flags over Georgia, and truly one of the best rides in the country. I hope it gets a great turnout over the weekend and good publicity! Unfortunately, I will not be there as I will be going to the park on Thursday not Friday and on Saturday I leave for my 3 week trip to Costa Rica!


Deja Vu

[5/31] Deja Vu Finally Opens For 2003 Season


The trouble-laden coaster Deja Vu, who has had constant problems since it was built during the 2001 season, finally opened for the 2003 season yesterday. The ride opened at 11am yesterday, and was reported to have no operational problems.

[5/31] Superman Beats Ninja? And Mindbender For SFoG's 2003 Best Coaster Title (SFoG Info Center Poll Results)


Superman: Ultimate Flight beat out the surprising Ninja for Six Flags over Georgia's 2003 Best Coaster Title, according to our latest poll that recorded 132 votes. Superman was in first with 24 votes (18%). Ninja surprisingly in second place with 22 votes (16%). Mindbender was in third place with 19 votes (14%). In last place, was the veteran coaster, Dahlonega Mine Train with only 4 votes (3%). *Malfunction or troll could have made Ninja in second place.

[5/5] First Trip To SFoG Is A Wet One


My first trip to SFoG on May 3 turned out to be a wet one, but I lasted the day and later turned out to be pretty good under the circumstances. Go to the TRIP REPORTS page to read my first SFoG trip report of the 2003 season.

[4/24] Time Warner Loses Appeal in Case Vs. Six Flags over Georgia

WASHINGTON D.C-- Time Warner Entertainment Co. L.P, an AOL partner, lost Monday a final appeal of $257 million in puntitive damages awarded to limited partnerships that provided initial investments for Six Flags over Georgia.

The U.S Supreme Court turned away the appeal, dashing the company's hope that a recent puntitive-damages decision involving State Farm would prompt a review of the case.

Six Flags was sold in 1998 to Six Flags Inc. (PKS) of Oklahoma City, spurring the lawsuit by the limited partnerships. Six Flags is a party in the lawsuit, but bears no financial responsibility for punitive damages. AOL Time Warner controls Time Warner Entertainment Co. L.P. Comcast Corp. ( CMCSA) owns an indirect stake.

The case began when the partnership investors sued, claiming Time Warner -- now AOL Time Warner -- drove down the value of the amusement park by not adding new rides or making improvements to boost profit. A Georgia jury in 1998 awarded the partnership investors $197 million in compensatory damages and $257 million in punitive damages.

For more on the story go to     This column was written by Mark Anderson.

Greezed Lightnin' at SFKK

[4/24] Greezed Lightin' (Viper) Update W/Pictures

LOUSVILLE, KY-- The newest member of Six Flags Kentucky Kingdom's small coaster collection is the Schwarzkopf shuttle loop coaster Greezed Lighnin', or better known to SFoG visitors as Viper. Viper was first built in 1978 as Tidal Wave at Six Flags Great America and stayed at the park until in relocated to SFoG in 1995. When it opened at SFoG, it was given a new name, paint job, and theme, one in which was a best at SFoG. It closed in September 2001 to make way for SFoG's newest modern coaster, Superman: Ultimate Flight. So the coaster was left unused in 2002 until it moved to SFKK. As you can tell, the coaster will have a new theme and paint job, very different to its swamp theme in Austell. All I know right now is that it will have minimal theming and be very crowded in its location. Still, it is great to see this now rare classic coaster standing even if it's not at SFoG. I plan to stop by SFKK and ride this great ride in June when I take my first trip up to Cedar Point! Picture is courtesy of Negative

[3/26] SFoG Starts 2003 Season!

AUSTELL, GA-- Six Flags over Georgia opened its gates for the first time in the 2003 season on March 15. Attendence (not confirmed) appeared to be lower than usual crowds, but expect the crowds to rise as Spring Break and the summer comes. Well, SFoG doesn't have a new Superman coaster to race to open and get prepared, but that means more fun on all of SFoG's current rides!

[3/14] SFoG Opens Tommorrow!

AUSTELL, GA-- Only a couple more of hours until the park opens its gates for the first time of the 2003 season, the 36th in the park's history. Unfortuantly, the park doesn't have any new rides this season, but that means we can all enjoy the rides they have now even more!


[3/5] Only 9 Days Until OPENING DAY At Six Flags over Georgia

AUSTELL, GA-- Can you believe it? Only 9 days till Six Flags over Georgia opens its gates! There have been no major ride additions or improvements, so we can take a breath and enjoy the great rides that we do have! Six Flags over Georgia will celebrate its 36th season in 2003, the second oldest of the Six Flags parks.


[2/10] Viper Moving To Six Flags Kentucky Kingdom


LOUSVILLE, KY-- After a year of rest in the SFoG employee parking lot, Viper is relocating to Six Flags Kentucky Kingdom and run their as Greazed Lightnin'. This will be the coaster's third park since it was built in 1978. The rare coaster ran at SFoG from 1995 to September 2001, then was left to rust in 2002. It finally was announced it would be revived at Six Flags Kentucky Kingdom. Many coaster fans were excited to see the small Six Flags park get a new coaster, especially a coaster with so much uniqueness and history to it.