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2003 Rankings
Six Flags over Georgia Unlimited


1)  The Incredible Hulk Coaster, Islands of Adventure

I love every aspect of this ride, especially the awesome location. I personally think this ride would lose much bonus points and wouldn't "work" as good with a chain lift. S:UF was close, but didn't beat out the ole Hulk!

2)  Superman: Ultimate Flight, Six Flags over Georgia

This is an awesome, intense, insane, great, and the best of the best (of its kind)! Yep, its that simple! This ride pulls so many Gs, especially in the pretzel loop its INSANE!! Pretzel loop, though, doesn't make up the ride totally, though with the first hill being awesome, and the barrel roll at the end making you actually feel like you flipped over while flying on your own!

3)  Deja Vu, Six Flags over Georgia

I was very surprised about this coaster. I didn't know if I should hate it because its line was so long due to numerous delays. I rode this ride, and it blew me away. Hands down, the most intense roller coaster I have ever ridden. One thing that helps this ride is it is pretty long (too me!) than most first-riders expect. And after coming down from that first tower, you're flying through station, literally! This took me by surprise, and dethroned Ice Dragon for third.

4)  Ice Dragon, Islands of Adventure tie Kumba, Busch Gardens Tampa

For some strange reason, I came to agreement that Ice Dragon and Kumba were about equal: both very long and intense, in their respective categories (inverted, sit-down). I haven't ridden these rides in nearly two years, but they still stand stong. Ice Dragon benefits heavily from its awesome queue line and being dueled against a counterpart. Kumba probably has the best design of any coaster I know, and its seven inversion pack a loud roar!

6)  Montu, Busch Gardens Tampa Bay
Montu stays alright now, but could be dethroned soon. Since I have only ridden it once, and my ride memory is diminshing, so will Montu. This ride, though is truly extraordinary, and very intense. I love how B&M works with the elements on this ride, probably the best on any B&M coaster I've been on. 

7)  Fire Dragon, Islands of Adventure

Fire Dragon is very intense, more intense than Ice, but for some reason didn't "turn me on" all the way. Don' get me wrong its a great coaster, but something was off on it. Also, it has an awesome theme and dueling counterpart to help it in its bonus points.

8)  The Great American Scream Machine, Six Flags over Georgia

This moved up a few spots because its the coaster I've ridden the most in 2002. It also keeps getting better, especially when I prepare for those sudden brakes at the end. Excellent hills, airtime, and hills, make this the perfect woodie!

9)  Batman: The Ride, Six Flags over Georgia

This ride is short and mild, but extremely smooth, for an older inverted coaster. The theme helps it sort of, though its not the best to stay in the hot, dark buildings with gum everywhere in the hot sun! I like the location, and how it sort of intermingles with Mindbender at the first of the ride.

10) Mindbender, Six Flags over Georgia
This ride goes from fourth to tenth, after a recent string of trips to SFoG and this ride somewhat disappointing. It still is a classic coaster, and a very good and smooth ride, but it has seemed to lost some of its punch and is becoming a grandaddy of steel loopers. Still a recommended favorite, but has since lost some of its juice.
HONORABLE MENTION Georgia Cyclone, Six Flags over Georgia and Blazing Fury, Dollywood